Yoni Pops (30 Vaginal Suppositories)

Yoni Pops (30 Vaginal Suppositories)

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Yoniology Yoni Pops are specifically formulated to combat Bacterial Vaginosis and Yeast Infections. Boric Acid is known for its healing properties and should restore your optimal vaginal health within 5 days of treatment.


30 Yoni Pops Suppositiories

2 Yoni Pop Applicators

Insert suppository in the vagina in the morning & once before bed. Use for 5-7days. Eliminates bacteria vaginosis, balances PH and eliminates yeast infections. Yoniology Yoni Pops can also be used before and after your period.

Consult a physician if pregnant.

NO dyes, NO artificial coloring, NO artificial flavors, NO Fragrances or

Vegan/Organic600 mg 




As we are not medical professionals and do not know what underlying medical conditions you may have, we cannot give guarantees of results as this will vary from person to person.