About Yoniology

Yoniology Yoni Care Products came alive when the owner, Jessica, stumbled upon the amazing power of all natural and organic Chinese herbs in quest for her own cures.  After seeing her own incredible results, she knew right away she had to figure out a way to share this secret with all the women of the world!

Jessica had been suffering all her life with terrible menstrual cramps, irregular bleeding, unpredictable cycles and infertility.  After many consultations and conversations with doctors and specialists they were at a loss.  She had nothing really wrong with her that they could give a proper diagnosis for and in turn they had no solutions to offer as well.  She had been regularly plagued with foul odors, frequent bacterial vaginosis, infections after sex and just all around irregular PH balance from using harsh chemical vaginal douches and washes.  She was exhausted with trying everything to correct her vaginal and uterine distress with what was available to her at the the local retailers.

Out of sheer luck and possibly fate, she found the amazing power of all natural and organic Chinese herbal remedies.  She was astounded at how fresh and wonderful her vagina felt after using detox pearls, vaginal steams and the yoni oil.  She even discovered that she could use the yoni oil during sex as a lubricant and it did not give her infections or cause irritation.  She had never in her life been so wet and tight before.  She knew after her life altering experience she had to share this secret with all the women in the world.

She worked tirelessly developing a close, long lasting relationship with the peoples in China who cultivate these miracle herbs as to create and make available to everyone the beautiful brand you now see as "Yoniology."  

She is proud to share this too-long-kept secret with every woman she can.  Thanks so much for taking the time to learn about the journey of how Yoniology came to be and we can't wait for you to experience the astounding results that we know will change the relationship with yourself, your sex life and your self-confidence.








Yoniology Yoni Care Products is in no way licensed medical health care professionals and we do not provide any medical advice or make any claims that should be perceived as medical advice or medical counsel and are in no way responsible for any adverse reactions, allergies or injuries from use of these products and it is known that you are using these products at your own risk and they are not approved by the United States Official Food and Drug Administration.