The Taboo Vagina

Every person on earth owes their very existence to the magnificence that is, woman. The classic feminine symbols, worship and exaltation of goddesses celebrating fertility and the miracle of life, are clearly present all throughout our human history. This cannot be denied.

The obvious question presents itself, why has modern society grown to feel so ashamed about the vagina and even vaginal health? Does anyone recall the women's liberation movement that in the United States, spanned two decades? In this time the United States led by example as this movement had a trickle down effect that positively impacted the world view and the cherished importance of, the woman. 

Currently, you cannot look anywhere on television, signage or social media without seeing a woman being sexualized in order to sell products. There is complete madness to the rationalization that all other parts of a woman's body is A-OK to be talked about and/or extorted to society but when it comes to the health and well being of the vagina...things are just too personal? Being as there are more women than men in the world, what sense does it make for vaginal hygiene and sexual health to be so taboo to discuss, resolve or even advertise PH balancing and purifying products? 

It is a little known fact to the public that most vaginal health care products are not able to be sold fluently in the e-commerce marketplace. Some original content that Yoniology has shared has been reported, flagged for violations and several warnings have been made to suspend or remove social media accounts; all simply for sharing vaginal health products and sexual health products that aid in, fertility and the health and well being of the woman. Why such a stance again women's health? Why the feeling that talking about vaginal health is taboo?

Women that notice, are taking direct offense to this! Being a woman should not be censored, hushed or taboo. We should be able to have adequate representation, connection and access to the community we need to support each other as well as our vaginal and sexual health. After all, we are in this together.

So how do we get over this unfortunate display of behavior towards our sacred Queens on earth? We must have more open conversations in order to normalize discussion and increase common knowledge about vaginal and sexual health. This is the only way to stimulate a mindset shift which in turn would update our social standards to ensure vaginal health is taken seriously and prioritized. 

So many women are embarrassed to seek solutions for their vaginal and sexual health issues. There is no doubt women who are ashamed to seek treatment do so because of the fear of what others will think. This is linked directly to the court of public opinion that vaginas are shameful, to be not discussed "normally" or "openly" and seen as a "taboo" in our society and especially if you have an "issue" and need help resolving that issue. Some women would rather risk loss of life or inflict permanent damage on themselves by ignoring vaginal health symptoms rather than go to their doctor for a possible UTI, STI or yeast infection due to this feeling of shame. This is the unfortunate reality and the level of harm that is a reality for too many around the world. Let's change the narrative. It starts with awareness so, let's start the conversation today.